Equipment for particle- and aerosol measurement

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Andersen Impactor
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Bild - SAG 410
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    EXIS - Your partner in particle measurement

    Through close cooperation with leading manufacturers, EXIS can offer Scandinavians largest range of equipment for measuring particles and aerosols.Explore our products and our services here on the website or give us a call and we will help you. It is also possible to send questions via our contact page.


    Below - a selection of our products

    • Accessories for Ambient Sampling (tripods, PM-Inlets heads, Inlet impactors)
    • Aerosol dilution and distribution
    • Aerosol dilution system with adjustable dilution ratio
    • Aerosol dilution system with fixed dilution ratio
    • Aerosol Generators for monodisperse droplet aerosols
    • Aerosol Generators for polydisperse droplet aerosols
    • Aerosol Generators for solid aerosols
    • Aerosol Neutralizers
    • Andersen Impactors
    • Atmospheric Particle Matter Samplers
    • Automatic Isokinetic Samplers
    • Axial Diluter
    • Bench-Top Particle Counters
    • Bioaerosol Sampling Systems
    • Bipolar Charger Analyser
    • Blow-by mesuremant instrument
    • Cleanroom Validation
    • Cloud Data Service
    • Condensation Particle Counters for Nanoparticles (CPC)
    • Constant Flow Samplers
    • Cooling and Condensation Devices
    • Cyclone
    • Cyclone Accessories
    • Diffusion dryer
    • Dioxin Sampling System on stack emission
    • Dual Ambient Monitor/Sampler (real-time values and filter sampling at the same time)
    • Electrical Low-Pressure Impactor (ELPI)
    • Emission Sample Condition Instruments
    • Emission Sampling System
    • Engine Exhaust Diluter
    • Environmental Dust Monitor for Automated PM Measurements
    • Filter and Filter media Testing
    • Gas Sampling System
    • Gravimetric Impactor
    • Handheld Mass- and Particle Counters
    • Handheld Nanoparticle Measurement
    • Handheld Particle Counters
    • Heated Probes
    • HEPA-ULPA Particulate Air Filters
    • High Volume Sampler + Real Time PM
    • Impactors (Bio Impactors, Andersen Impactors)
    • Indoor Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer (WRAS)
    • Instack Filter Assembly
    • Isokinetic Dividable Probes
    • Isokinetic Filter Assembly
    • Isokinetic Heated Probe for PCDD/F
    • Isokinetic Heated Probes
    • Isokinetic Probes
    • Isokinetic Probes (curves, nozzles, accessories)
    • Isotherm Thermoregulator Unit
    • Liquid Filter Elements
    • Low-Pressure Impactor (DLPI+)
    • Mini Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer (Mini-WRAS)
    • Mobile Environmental Ultrafine Particle Counter
    • Monitoring of Ultrafine Particles
    • Multi Spectrum Black Carbon Monitor
    • Multifunction Calibrators
    • Neighbourhood Particle Monitor
    • NH3-sensors
    • NOx-sensors
    • Nozzle of Titanium, Glass, Quartz
    • Oil Mist Separators
    • Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring (AQ Urban)
    • Outdoor Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer
    • Outstack Filter Assembly
    • Particle Counters and Dust Monitors - Overview
    • Particle Counters for Automotive Emission Measurements
    • Particle Counters for monitoring air cleanliness
    • Particle measuring in gases
    • Particle measuring in liquids
    • Particle Monitoring Sensor
    • PEMS SYSTEM (Real Driving Emission)
    • Pitot Tubes
    • PM10 Impactor
    • PM10 Stack Cyclone
    • PM-sensors
    • PN-sensors
    • Portable Aerosol Spectrometer
    • Portable Dust Monitor
    • Portable Dynamic Dilution Sampler
    • Portable Real-Time Particle Sensor
    • Portable Sample Condition and Dilution System (eDiluter)
    • Rectangular shaped sampling probes
    • Remote Dust Monitor
    • Sample Condition Instruments for Engine Emission Measurements
    • Sampling unit for pressure gas lines
    • Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer with Condensation Particle Counter (SMTS+CPC)
    • Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer with Faraday Cup Electrometer
    • SEMS SYSTEM (Real Driving Emission)
    • Sequential Atmospheric Particle Matter Samplers
    • Stack gas velocity and Flow Meter with Pitot Tube
    • Stack Impactors
    • Standard gravimetric filter measurement with Real-Time PM/PN, LSDA (eFilter)
    • Standard Integrated Stack Sampling Probes
    • Thoracic, Inhalable, Alveolar Aerosol Sampler
    • Transportable Air Quality Monitor
    • Twin Dilution Probes
    • Universal air Sampler for control of microbiological air quality

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