Equipment for particle- and aerosol measurement

NEWS - EXIS Business Leasing

EXIS - Your partner in particle measurement

Through close cooperation with leading manufacturers, EXIS can offer Scandinavians largest range of equipment for measuring particles and aerosols

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Below - a selection of our products

      • Impactors
      • Specrometers
      • Particle counters
      • Dilution
      • Sensors
      • Exhaust gas measurement
      • Heated Lines
      • Test probes
      • Filter test equipment
      • Aerosol generatorers
      • Pore size analysers
      • Air quality analysers
      • Measurement stations
      • PEMS-system (Real Driving Emission - RDE)
      • Constant Flow Samplers
      • High Volume Samplers
      • Calibrators
      • Cooling and condensation
      • Dioxine samplers
      • Isokinetic samplers
      • Bioaerosol samplers
      • Stack Impactors
      • Graviometric particle sampler EN12341
      • EXIS market is Scandinavian

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