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Flowtest ST - Digital Stack Gas Velocity and Flow Meter

Manufacturer: TCR TECORA

The Precision Measuring – Data Logger model Flowtest ST is dedicated to gas velocity, volumetric flow rate determination, and isokinetic measurements in stack

The instrument is housed in a compact and lightweight case; easy to set up and operate. It measures the gas velocity and temperature through a Pitot tube and a thermocouple.

  • Continuous measurement
  • Isokinetic sampling
  • Constant flow sampling
  • UNI EN 13284, ISO 9096, ISO16911, UNI 10169, EPA M2

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FLOWCALAIR - Multifunction Calibrator

Manufacturer: TCR TECORA

FlowCal Air, more than a simple flow calibrator....
A single instrument allows to perform all necessary controls to verify the calibration of some parameters, which are normally measured by sampler, like flowrate,
pressure and temperature

Reference calibrator to measure

  • Flow
  • Absolute Pressure
  • Differential Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Creation of calibration report

  • Battery autonomy up to 90 hours

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FCS 248 - Calibration System for Aerosol Photometers and Particle Counters

Manufacturer: TOPAS

The Calibration System FCS 248 generates stable and reproducible test aerosols for calibration of photometers and particle counters. The calibration is based on the comparison of three devices to be calibrated.The centerpiece is a special aerosol generator, which is controlled by additional instrumentation. As an aerosol substance DEHS used.
The atomization of the aerosol substance is made using special two-fluid nozzles. By an adjustable carrier air flow and precise needle valves

  • Adjustable within a wide aerosol concentration range (DEHS)
  • Carrier air flow up to 100 Nl/min
  • Compact housing for mobile use
  • Battery operation possible
  • Possibility to connect up to three devices to be calibrated
  • Calibration of photometers for concentrations up to 1 g / m³ (DEHS)
  • Calibration of particle counters and aerosol spectrometer

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