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Manufacturer: TCR TECORA

Bravo Basic is a pratical portable constant flow rate samplers that are suitable for dust and gas sampling either in stack or in ambient. In accordance with

  • UNI EN 14385
  • CEN/TS 13649
  • UNI EN 12919
  • UNI EN 13284
  • UNI EN 1911
  • UNI EN 13211
  • UNI N 14790
  • ISO 9096
  • UNI EN 16911
  • 0,1 - 60 l/m 

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Manufacturer: TCR TECORA

Bravo DUO is a constant flow sampler with 2 diaphragm pumps and double heads. The heart of BRAVO DUO consists of two diaphragm pumps resistant to aggressive gases. Flow control is assured by a microprocessor board and is capable to perform a constant flow or in isokinetic sampling

  • Flow range: from 0.15 l/min to max 60 l/min (with series con ection of line1 and line2) pump type dependent
  • IP65 membrane keypad/color display user interface
  • Full flexibility to sample stack gas emission, outdoor air and IAQ

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Manufacturer: TCR TECORA

BRAVO X has the same mechanical features as the PLUS version, but the flow is electronically controlled instantaneously, as well as display / memorize the sampled volume.

  • Automatic portable steady flow sampler with microprocessor based control
  • Electronic flow controller, data display and acquisition
  • Flow range: from 0.2 l/min to max 60 l/min (optional: 80 l/min depending on the pump type installed)
  • Volumetric counter (DGM), class 1.5

  • 220 V AC + VDC battery

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EasyGas Plus

Manufacturer: TCR TECORA

For gaseous compounds sampling and fulfills to the normative regarding CEN/TS 13649:14 “Determination of the mass concentration of individual gaseous organic compounds".Can also be used in all applications of sampling with vials (eg: EN 14662-2, Ambient air quality. Standard method for measurement of benzene concentrations

  • Flow rate between 0.2 and 2 L / min (other flow rates on request)
  • Internal battery (about 10 hours)

  • AISI 316 stainless steel • Titanium • Teflon

  • 5.5 “touch screen. Data logger

  • Isokinetic control of the flow rate.

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