We offer several high volume samplers, and some of the most common are shown here on the website. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will help you to find a solution

ECHO EMERGENCY HV High Volume Sampler

Manufacturer: TCR TECORA

Sampler for particulate and micropollutants sampling and monitoring in extreme conditions.A viable solution in emergency or remote situations such as fires, high mountain, isolated areas, contaminated environments to allow PTS / PM10 / PM2,5 / PM1 sampling on a filter with a backup sorbent trap (PUF) for gaseous organic micropollutants (PCDD/F, PCBs and PAH’s) with the
possibility to monitor PM 10 – PM 2.5 – PM1 real time trend concentrations and 24 sizes classes particle distribuition.

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Echo Hi-Vol Micropollutants High Volume Sampler

Manufacturer: TCR TECORA

A Micropollutants High Volume Sampler “stand alone” automatic instrument designed to be used outdoor even in severe weather conditions. The flow measure and regulation in relation to actual condition, make ECHO Hi-Vol a unique instrument. This feature allows the user to change the sample head and flow rate without re-calibrating the flow meter. ECHO Hi-Vol is equipped with a three stages brushless blower, practically maintenance free, and its averaged life is higher than 20000 hours (more than 2 non-stop operating years). Two sampling inlets are available, PUF and TSP. These are freely interchangeable.

In accordance with

  • ISO 12884
  • ISO 16362
  • US EPA TO9
  • US EPA TO13A

  • Electronically controlled flowrate
  • Large graphic display back-lighted with keyboard

  • Sampling time with 1” resolution and selectable from 1’ to 168h

  • SMS remote control 

  • Measured and stored parameters, (Flowrate;Total volume; Ambient temperature; Ambient pressure; Filter load)

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ECHO PM Atmospheric Particulate Matter Sampler

Manufacturer: TCR TECORA

ECHO PM is a "stand alone" instrument projected also for outdoor operation in harsh climatic conditions.
The wide regulation range and the accurate electronic flow sampling control at either actual or standard conditions, makes ECHO PM in accordance with
the reference methods EN 12341 for PM 10 with head LVS PM10 2.3 m3/h, and US EPA 40 CFR part 50 for PM10 and PM2.5 at 1m3/h

PM satisfies the hardware and software requests that permits up to 2 sequential sampling lines.

Supplied with respective sampling head ECHO PM can be utilized respecting the "ISO/CD 16362 for the determination of policycles aromatic hydrocarbon
PAHs" sampling norms.

Possibility to monitor PM10, PM2.5, PM1, REALTIME trend concentrations and 24 sizes classes
particle distribution and CO2 and relative humidity.

In accordance to 

  • EN12341, EN15549, ISO 16362, ISO 12884

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