We offer a large number of different accesories for sampling, and some of the most common are shown here on the website. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will help you to find a solution

SAC-100 - Sampling probe set for isokinetic sampling

Manufacturer: DEKATI

Set includes 11 pcs stainless steel probes (mm)

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Thoracic, Inhalable, Alveolar Aerosol Sampler

Manufacturer: TCR TECORA

.Provides for the collection of ambient pollution for the purpose of a mass analysis or counting of fibers with 3 selectors available.

Sampling asbestos fibers in coated areas, thoracic selector is compliant to the standard NF X43-050.

compliance to standards EN 481, ISO 7708 and FD CEN/TR 15230 
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G4 Isokinetic Sampler

Manufacturer: TCR TECORA

  • In accordance with UNI EN13284-1, EN 10169 and USEPA M5, M17
  • Fast isokinetic control at any stack condition
  • In-stack temperature andvelocity measurement
  • USB interface to download data
  • Wide Graphic Display
  • High precision pressurecalibrator, with thermal driftcompensation device
  • Wide library withspecifications of the mostcommon ducts
  • ISO 17025 accredited laboratory certificate

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    Accessories for AMBIENT Sampling

    Manufacturer: TCR TECORA

    • Cassette Membranes
    • PM10 US EPA Heads
    • TSP LVS Head
    • WINS PM2,1 US EPA Impactor
    • Nozzels
    • PM1 LVS Head
    • PM10 / PM2,5 Heads
    • Tripods

    • EN 12341 norm
    • 40 CFR Part 50

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