We offer a large number of different accesories for sampling, and some of the most common are shown here on the website. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will help you to find a solution

DDU 570 - Diffusion Dryer

Manufacturer: TOPAS

The Topas Diffusion Dryer DDU 570 is operated by compressed air. The aerosol to be dried is streaming through 3 screen pipes which are surrounded by Silica Gel (desiccant with indicator) serving as drying agent. The Silica Gel causes a very dry atmosphere. The excess moisture in the aerosol moves into the dry environment by the effect of diffusion. Because the aerosol does not get into direct contact with the drying agent only a very low particle loss occurs.

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Dekati® Cyclone

Manufacturer: DEKATI

Stainless-steel cyclone that is used as a part of a sampling system for removing large particles from an aerosol sample stream before the sample enters the measurement instrument. Manufactured according to EPA standard 201A, with standard isokinetic nozzles available as accessories

  • Pre-separator with 10 μm cut point at 10 lpm
  • Stainless-steel construction allows use up to 600C
  • Possibility of analyzing collected particles

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199 - The Fully Air-Conditioned 19" Container Solution


A small powerful container for your 19" rack instruments. The 199 is a stand-alone air-conditioned environmental weather protection housing for 19" rack instruments. The 199 is transportable thus making stationary measurements at different locations feasible.

The 199 is suitable for all weather conditions from tropical heat to arctic cold. All you need is a mains supply and less than 1 m2 of space. This configuration sets the 199 into a worldwide leading position of environmental monitoring for temporary field campaigns, continuous monitoring or scientific projects. Careful design according to customer´s needs and utmost precise manufacturing, using welding robots and fully automatic powdercoating production lines, result in an outstanding quality for each housing.

The target temperature is set on an easy-to-use digital display with up and down buttons.

  • LED light bar with magnetic holder
  • Automatic cooling and heating according to the set target temperature

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Cooling and Condensing Devices - IGLOO

Manufacturer: TCR TECORA 

6 liter capacity tank in stainless inox

IGLOO is different from the other cooling and condensing systems since it is equipped with an
independent refrigerating system. This characteristic permits the unit to operate e ectively also for long
terms, without ice or water at low temperature.

  • Refrigerator group with CFC free gas

  • Set of four 500 cc stack impingers with glass ball joint connectors located in an aluminum rack with outlet, inlet hose barbs and leak test valve

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EG PELTIER Cooling System

Manufacturer: TCR TECORA

The cooling and condensing device is equipped with a
Peltier system that ensures the ideal temperature maintenance during sampling. The main advantages of this system are the light weight and the small size

The glass kit is located into 3 cylindric cooled containers. To use the system it is not required to insert water and/or ice. It is possible to use the glass kit showed or other ones having the same characteristics (impingers with 38 mm diameter)
Charcoal tubes are located inside the system and are cooled and protected from eventual source of heat and UV ray.

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Sampling from 0.8 to 1,100nm. The GRIMM 5561 electrostatic precipitator is a sampler for aerosols over a wide size range from 0.8 – 1100 nm. The particles can be collected for off-line analysis on different substrates that are suitable for a variety of common analytical tools like transmission electron microscopes (TEM), scanning electron microscopes (SEM) or atomic force microscopes (AFM). For sampling well defined size fractions, all GRIMM DMAs are designed to be combined with the precipitator.

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An annular dielectric barrier discharge neutralizer

The GRIMM 5520 aDBD aerosol neutralizer is based on an annular dielectric barrier discharge that produces a bipolar ionic atmosphere. Irregularly charged particles (from ambient or lab generated) are brought into a defined stationary-state charge distribution, regardless of their initial charging state.

  • non-radioactive source
  • no transport / storing restrictions

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